Looking Back on Mackinnon Pass

Looking Back on Mackinnon Pass

Milford Sound Track, New Zealand, 2015

It was third day of Milford guided walk. It rained all day long. Everybody socked even my Goretax jacket. I knew my camera is not water-proof. But I pulled my gear and took a shoot. It’s once in my lifetime anyway. After this shoot my camera refused to work more.


Wet Land

Path in wet

Milford Sound Track, New Zealand, 2015

There are full of trees, ferns and mosses.

Could we find Hobbits over there?

Water Falls in Milford Sound Track

Water Fall and Stone Pagoda

Milford Sound Track, New Zealand, 2015

There are many waterfalls in Milford Track. But when in rain, countless waterfalls created everywhere.

You can find a small stone pagoda in bottom left of the picture above. Building a stone pagoda and wishing is common in the world nowadays? Or it’s just Asian trackers’ work?

Mt John Observatory & International Dark Sky Reserve

Aoraki/Mt Cook Meckenzie region is one of the International Dark Sky Reserve Gold sites. That means it is the best place to watch stars and milky-way.

On the top of Mt John(1,031m), a observatory of University of Canterbury resides.

Mt John University Observatory

Mt John University Observatory, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, 2015

The view is quite clear. The slope is very steep and there are no trees nearby. You can drive to the top and there is a cafe.

Astro Cafe

Astro Cafe, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, 2015